A Few Spots Left for Farm Tour

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April 6, 2021

Farm Tour:

It's not too late to save your spot for our 1st Annual Farm Tour! This is a free event that will give you an inside look at how we raise our animals and also sample some of our pasture raised meat products.

To reserve your place you'll need to change your pickup location.

Under account, my account, pickup locations enter in our zip code: 39341 and proceed to add farm tour to cart. That will enable you to reserve your spot.


"Dianna's" term as a pet has expired! Someone in the family wasn't happy to have their rosebushes chewed off.

The children really enjoyed bottle feeding the lamb and having it roam around the yard following and chasing them around but I guess all good things come to an end.

We took the lamb back out to join the rest of the sheep and she seems to be enjoying life in the real world.



The broilers are happy to be out on pasture! I got them moved out yesterday. Their few remaining weeks will find them enjoying Non-GMO feed as well as clover, bugs and whatever else they can find to eat.

I'm also mixing in a little Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in their water. We'll see how that works.

We plan to process our first chickens of the year on April 29 so they'll be available for pickup for those who come out to the farm tour May 1.


Don't know how well you can see the pigs in this picture but they are loving their new paddock down by the creek. These are our breeding stock.

I'm working on procuring some more pigs so we can have pork on hand to sell individual cuts. Stay tuned for when that is available.

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