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February 24, 2023

Farm Store

Few things conjure a better sense of well-being than directly connecting with one’s food source. While farmer's markets are great, shopping on-farm is even better. 

Visiting the farm and seeing the environment with your own eyes, exploring the pastures where contended cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are free to roam and live out their days does something for a person. Today, more than ever before in history, we humans have become disconnected from our very existence.

At Shaded Grove Farm Market, one of our greatest joys is having consumers who are interested in their food and how it is being raised visiting our farm store. While it is not always possible or convenient to venture out into the country and visit our farm, I’d strongly recommend making the effort at least once.

In our small, on-farm store we have display freezers with our different cuts of grass-fed beef: steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc., pork cuts include pork chops, sausage, bacon, pork neck bones, and much more. Of course, the cooler is stocked with beautiful brown eggs.

If you visit in the fall of the year, our shelves will be stocked with beautiful, plump pecans, pecan candies, and more.

Our annual farm tour event is a highlight for us and past visitors. Typically held in May, we take a hay ride around the farm seeing all the different animals and explaining our production methods. During the visit to the laying hens, guests are given an egg carton and are welcome to gather themselves a free dozen eggs.

After touring the farm, we provided a home-cooked meal featuring our farm-raised meats under the shade of the giant oaks, home of Shaded Grove. The deserts are probably what everyone comes for, I don’t know. Homemade pies like coconut cream, pecan pie, chocolate pie, and more are always a hit.

Throughout the day the farm store is open and visitors are welcome to browse and look around. Be sure to bring an ice chest or cooler with you to take home a fresh supply of meat, eggs, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

In closing, we hope to see you soon at our farm store and invite you to bring your children to see where their food comes from and what is involved in putting meat on the table.

Farm Store

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