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June 15, 2021

Summer is here and that means it's time to fire up the grills and start cooking!

And, we have just what you've been waiting for...delicious, pasture-raised pork cuts.

If you like low and slow, try our Boston Butt pork roasts.

Boston Butt pork roasts

Want something a little quicker? Try out our smoked bacon for your weekend breakfast cookout.

Smoked Bacon

Or... fire up the grill and slap these porkchops on for a feast. Packaged 4 to a pack.

Pork Chops

I'm still working at getting some bundle packages put together where you will be able to bundle and save...

But it all seems to take a lot of time and I couldn't wait to have you start sampling the pork.

Wait! that's not all. We're also restocked on our grass-fed and grass finished beef!

I brought home one beef yesterday and have two more waiting at the processor.

I think we might be slowly getting the pipeline filled up and hopefully our website won't always say "Sold Out" on all your favorite products.

Here are a couple of great Beef bundle options to choose from:


I'm happy to see that the duck family is doing well! It seems they live a precarious life and I haven't seen many hatches grow up.

Between snakes, raccoons, coyotes and all the other predators around they have to be on guard 24/7.

Well, I think I've kept you long enough today.
Have a great day,

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