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May 4, 2021

From our point of view, our first ever Farm Tour and Meal event was a success! We were blessed with a beautiful day, a nice, manageable sized group of guests and we had fun.

Just a brief report on the day: we started off by gathering under the spreading oak trees in our yard while everyone arrived.

We all introduced ourselves and then started off by looking at the broiler chicks and the 'ready to process' broilers.

Everyone climbed aboard our hay wagon and our trusty John Deere tractor fired up and we were off!

First stop was the laying hens. Anyone who wanted to walked inside the movable shelter and gathered themselves a dozen eggs - laid that very morning (get your own eggs here!).


Next we swung around and found the lazy pigs lounging out under the shade trees. Talk about taking it easy and living the good life.

The fattening steers were up next. I showed everyone how I move them from one paddock to another and then we were off on the trek over to Dad's place where we moved the sheep and a group of yearlings.

By the time we got the sheep moved, I was starving! Didn't realize how many calories a tour guide burns.

Back at home, we washed up and enjoyed the cool shade while the finishing touches were put on the lunch.

Thanks to our families who helped out with making and serving lunch.

The menu was: Buttermilk baked chicken (processed on our farm two days prior), grilled bacon burgers, parmesan potatoes, strawberry lettuce salad, freshly baked bread and to finish it off we had some of my Mother-in-Law's famous pies: chocolate, pecan and coconut cream. (there weren't any pieces left :-)

That pretty much wrapped up the tour. After everyone made a final pass through the farm store and got stocked up with whatever was deemed needed we were left to our lonesome. 

I'm already looking forward to when we can do it again. Thanks to each one who came out!


I won't keep you any longer.

Till next week,

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