Pasture-Raised Eggs

We only feed our laying hens Non-GMO feed.
Our pasture-raised eggs come from chickens who enjoy living the good life.
They enjoy pecking for bugs, taking dust baths, and sunbathing under the blue skies.
Start enjoying delicious, farm-fresh brown eggs today.
"Our chickens do bugs, not drugs!"
*Only sold at our drop-off locations and farm store*.

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Does it really make a difference how the chickens are raised as to the quality of the egg?

Absolutely! Our chickens are allowed to roam the pastures scratching and pecking at bugs, grass and grass seeds.

This makes for a nutrient dense egg, full of flavor and a rich, orange yolk.

Of course, we only feed our pasture-raised laying hens a Non-GMO feed.

Order your pasture-raised, farm fresh eggs today and enjoy convenient delivery to one of our pickup locations.