100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Raised on our own open pastures where the lambs are free to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and green grass.

When you purchase lamb from Shaded Grove Farm Market you may rest easy knowing our lamb is free from:

✔ Artificial Growth Hormones
✔ Antibiotics
✔ Grain

*Only sold in ground shipping zones.

Half Lamb Bundle

*Available Late December $50 Deposit *

Quarter Lamb Bundle

*Available Late December $25 Deposit *
Our sheep are a cross between Katahdin and Florida Cracker.

They are considered a 'hair sheep' as they shed their hair or wool on their own in the springtime.

At Shaded Grove Farm we rotate our sheep through the pastures allowing them to enjoy grasses, forbes, brushy plants and whatever else they enjoy grazing.

Their diverse diet creates nutrient-rich meat that is loaded with flavor.

We are still growing our flock so our inventory is pretty tight but give us a call or email and get on our list for when we have lamb available for purchase.