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16 oz. Honey

16 oz. Honey

16 oz. Raw, Local Honey

16 oz. Raw Honey (Squeeze Bottle)

There is nothing better than raw, wildflower honey. Not only is raw honey delicious to eat and very easy to use in many different ways, but it is also good for you.

Raw Honey vs Honey

Isn't all honey raw? Well, yes when it is taken out of the hive all honey is pure, unfiltered honey.

What happens next though to most of the honey sold in supermarkets is it is pasteurized. This keeps the honey from crystallizing.

Raw, local honey will crystallize with time unless it is pasteurized. This is no problem, however. 

If your honey has crystallized, just place the bottle in warm water, not boiling, for a few minutes and the honey will dissolve and be as good as new. 

16 oz. squeeze bottle