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Beef Liver

Beef Liver

1.5 lbs. avg. / pkg.

Grass-Fed Beef Liver is full of essential vitamins and nutrients! It's a carnivore diet special.

Beef liver is packed pull of nutrients, especially when it comes from a grass-fed steer. This organ meat is an excellent source of iron, copper, zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B12 among other nutrients. 

It's also delicious!

You may have bad memories of beef liver from childhood, but our clean, all-natural liver will change your mind and have you feeling your best.

We recommend pan-frying the liver to enjoy the creamy texture. Cut the liver into slices, coat with flour, and gently fry in butter until just cooked through.  

You can also mix finely chopped liver into ground beef for a less liver-forward way to enjoy all the health benefits. Use your liver-beef mixture in your family's favorite recipe like tacos, chili, or ragu. . 

Each package of Shaded Grove Farm Market Beef Liver weighs roughly a pound and a half which is enough for six to eight servings.