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Bone In Rib Eye

Bone In Rib Eye

2 pk. | 1.75 lb. avg. / pkg.

There's nothing like the flavor of a grass-fed bone-in ribeye! It will turn any weeknight meal into a celebration.

Our bone-in ribeye steaks are the perfect balance of rich meat and delicious grass-fed fat. Leaving the bone in adds even more flavor and helps the steak maintain it's shape as it cooks. Though not as fork tender as a filet, the ribeye has an unmatched combination of texture and flavor.

These 100% grass fed beef steaks are unlike anything you can find in the grocery store. All they need to shine is salt, pepper, and a hot pan or grill.

Cook your ribeyes hot and fast to get a crisp exterior. Start over high heat on the grill or sear in a hot cast iron skillet to get a nice char, then finish over indirect heat or in the oven. You want to give the fat time to melt into the meat.

Then, let the steak rest before serving it with your favorite farm fresh vegetables and sides.

A meal of Shaded Grove bone-in ribeyes is a meal you won't soon forget!

Each package of Shaded Grove Farm Market bone-in ribeye contains two steaks and weights roughly a pound and three quarters which is enough for two to four people.