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Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast

3 lb. avg. / pkg.

Slow cooker special! Chuck roast is a family favorite.

The chuck roast is cut from the center of the chuck primal, or front shoulder, of the steer. It's a super marbled roast with lots of nutrient-rich connective tissue and flavorful, grass-fed fat. 100% grass-fed beef is extra savory, which shines through in this cut.

The meat that makes up the chuck roast can be tough, but not if you cook it low and slow to give the muscles time to break down and become tender!

We recommend slow cooking your chuck roast and then pulling it apart to make delicious shredded beef.

Patience is the name of the game to get an exceptionally flavorful and tender beef roast the whole family will enjoy!

Each Shaded Grove Farm Market Chuck Roast weighs roughly three pounds which is enough beef for four to six people.