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English Walnuts

English Walnuts

16 oz. | Package

English Walnuts

We source our walnuts from a personal friend, Rylan, in Princeton, California.

He is definitely in the minority with the regenerative farming practices he uses on his small walnut orchard.

Below is his story:

My wife and I raise walnuts on our 20 ac. orchard in Northern California. We planted in 2011 and in 1 or 2 years we noticed that about 15% of the trees did not grow well.

After testing some roots, we discovered that we had nematodes inherited from the previous planting of almonds.

This discovery, coupled with the addition of our children joining us in this world, opened our minds to thinking about making a change from our way of farming with synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

We planted our first cover crop of mustard and radish to help lower the nematode counts. Then we begin to reduce our fertilizer input and used compost.

Instead of chemicals, we switched to beneficial insects and insect mating disruption.

We came up with other methods to control weeds etc. It’s amazing the ideas that come when an option is removed.

Fast forward to 2021- we are thinking about how to integrate animals into the orchard and planning to certify organic prior to next harvest.

I hope you will enjoy these California walnuts grown regeneratively on our family farm.


Packaged in 16 oz. resealable bags.


English Walnuts