25 lb. Ground Beef Bundle

25 lb. Ground Beef Bundle

100 | 4 oz. Portions
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Ground Beef Bundle

When you buy ground beef from Shaded Grove Farm Market, you are getting premium ground beef from one cow.

Unlike the huge processors and meat distributors who collect ground beef from up to 100 cows and combine them all together, we process one animal at a time and the ground beef is from one cow. 

Enjoy our ground beef knowing it came from cattle who were breathing fresh air, and eating green grass while soaking up the sunlight. 

Beef cattle are so amazing in their ability to transform grass, into a nutritious form of protein packed with nutrients. 

Ground Beef For Sale Online

Yes, you may order online and we will either meet you at one of our drop-off locations or ship your order via UPS.

We pack our orders in specially-made insulated boxes and are currently offering our frozen meat products within a two-day ground shipping zone of our farm.

What Is Included In The Ground Beef Bundle?

Your 25 lbs. ground beef bundle will include 1 & 2 lb. packages of vacuum-sealed ground beef.

The lean-to-fat ratio will be between  80/20 - 90/10. 

Ground beef is a cost-friendly beef option and is very versatile. Use it for Taco Tuesdays, delicious chili on cold wintry nights, or of course, my all-time favorite: grilled burgers.

Like all the beef we sell at Shaded Grove Farm Market, we guarantee our beef to be:

✔ 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished
✔ Free Of Artificial Hormones
✔ Free Of Antibiotics