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Half Of Pig (Custom Processed)

Half Of Pig (Custom Processed)

*Available Now*

Half of Pig (Custom Processed)

Stock your freezer with our delicious, pastured pork.

Our pigs are free to run around and enjoy doing the things pigs were meant to do. Fed only Non-GMO feed, you can rest easy knowing you're feeding your family with healthy, ethically raised pork.

Our custom-processed pork means you decide how you'd like to have it cut up. We deliver the pig to the processor and then you determine how you want it processed. 

Our price of $4.99/lb. hanging weight includes all cutting and wrapping fees.

*Should you wish to have some curing or smoking done, there will be an additional $2.52 /lb. to smoke and cure.* 

Our pigs will dress out between 200-300 lbs. for a whole pig. Half a pig will weigh out between 100 - 150 lbs. hanging weight. *These are estimated weights. Each pig will vary and the final hanging weight will determine the total price.*

Pricing example: Hanging weight on half a pig= 120 lbs. x $4.99 /lb. = $598.80

Additional charges for smoking, curing, and linking sausage may apply as follows:

  1. Link Sausage: $2.01/lb.
  2. Bulk Sausage: $1.01/lb.
  3. Cured Smoked Ham: $2.52/lb.
  4. Cured Smoked Bacon: $2.52/lb.

**Download Pork Cut Sheet Here.**