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Pecan Halves (10 lbs. Bulk)

Pecan Halves (10 lbs. Bulk)

10 lbs. Bulk Bag
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Pecan Halves (10 lbs. Bulk)

There is nothing like a fresh pecan.

Pecans are so versatile:

  • Eat them plain as a snack.
  • Roast them with butter and salt.
  • Add to granola or trail mix.
  • Of course, we can't forget the classic pecan pie!

Here is a link to our classic pecan pie recipe.

Packaged 10 lbs. per bag. *$7.50 bulk discount*

For best results and to preserve the freshness of your pecans, place them in individual Ziploc bags or vacuum seal them and place them in the freezer.

Pecans will stay good for a long time when they are frozen. Just pull out a bag of pecans as you need them and enjoy munching on a heart-healthy snack.

Variety: Pawnee