Pork Ham Steak

Pork Ham Steak

2 Pk. | 2 lb. Avg.

Beef steaks seem to get all the attention, but pork steaks are a great eat for a loss less money.

Cut from the ham, or back leg, of the hog, these lean steaks are loaded with flavor. Our pasture-raised pigs are free to root and roam and fed a non-GMO feed. The resulting meat is clean, protein-rich, and super tasty.

We recommend marinating pork steaks before cooking to add extra flavor and tenderness. Then grill or pan-fry the steaks to get a crisp exterior and juicy interior.

Serve the steaks with gravy, potatoes, and your favorite farm fresh veggies.

Each package of Shaded Grove Farm Market pork ham steaks contains two steaks and weigh roughly two pounds which is enough pork to feed two to four people.