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Smoked Ham Steak

Smoked Ham Steak

Bone-In Ham Steak

Rather than saving it for the holidays, enjoy delicious pasture-raised ham all year round with our smoked ham steak!

We take the legs of our pasture-raised pork, cure them with a unique blend of spices, smoke them, and then slice them for easy cooking and eating. The resulting steaks are smoky, savory and a delicious addition to any meal of the day!

For breakfast, sear the steak and serve it alongside fried eggs, grits, and gravy.

For lunch, slice up the steak and add it to macaroni and cheese or serve it in a sandwich.

For dinner, fire up the grill, apply a pineapple glaze, grill and sit back to enjoy finger licking pork goodness.

It doesn't get much better than ham!

Each Shaded Grove Farm Market smoked ham steak is sliced half an inch thick. Each package contains two steaks and will feed four to six people.



Pork cured with water, salt, vinegar, sugar, Sodium acetate, Flavoring, Sodium Ethorbate and sodium nitrite.