Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

Ribs For Smoking

Everyone knows that food tastes better when you eat with your hands. And ribs are some of the best finger food!

Pork spare ribs are the flat rib bones that lie atop the pork belly. Each rib consists of thin bone surrounded by extra flavorful meat and connective tissue. Spare ribs have less meat on the bone than St. Louis style ribs, but no less flavor. Our pasture-raised hogs get lots of exercise which gives these ribs even more richness.

Spare ribs need to be cooked low and slow to melt the connective tissue and make the meat tender. We recommend cooking them in the smoker, over indirect heat on the grill, or in the oven.

Whether you like your ribs dry or glazed, these ones can't be beat.

Each package of Shaded Grove Farm Market spare ribs weighs roughly two pounds which is enough for two to three people.