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100% Grass-fed beef

At New Grass Farms our goal is to work with Nature and not against her. How do we do that? One of the best ways is by the use of planned, rotational grazing. This closely mimics the grazing patterns of bison years ago when they freely roamed the plains constantly moving. 

Why did they move? Both to escape predators and to seek lush, new plant growth. By moving to fresh grass they also moved away from the contamination of their own dung and urine so necessary for fertilizing the freshly grazed grass and thereby stimulating new plant growth for future grazing.

During the growing season, we move our grass-fed beef everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. This eliminates the need for all the harmful pesticides needed to control parasites and other pests that commonly affect cattle in a conventional model.

At New Grass Farms, our beef is:

-100% Grass-fed

- Never fed GMO's

- Never given antibiotics

- Never given growth hormones

- Humanely handled

-100% Natural

Slow Cooker Bundle

60 | 4 oz. servings

Porterhouse Steak (Discounted)

2 / pk. | 2.25 lb. avg. / pkg.

T-Bone Steak (Discounted)

2 per pk. | avg. 1.75 lbs. / pkg.

T-Bone Steak

2 / pk. | avg. 1.75 lbs. / pkg.

Flat Iron Steak

16-24 oz. avg. / pkg.

Beef Fajitas

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Hanger Steak

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Flank Steak

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Skirt Steak

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Round Steak

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Tri-tip Roast

2 lb. avg. / pkg.


4 lb. avg. / pkg.

Stew Meat

1.5 lb. avg. / pkg.

Chuck Roast

3 lb. avg. / pkg.

Round Roast

2.5 lbs. avg. / pkg.

Ground Beef 1lb. pk.

16 oz. avg. / pkg.

Ground Beef/ 2 lb. pk.

2 lb. avg. / pkg.

Back Ribs

2 lb. avg. / pkg.