How To Cook Beef Ribs

Beef ribs, while not as well known or popular as pork ribs, but, oh my goodness! Are they ever good! Today I'm sharing a sure-fire recipe for oven-baked BBQ beef ribs you will love.

Farm Store Visits

We encourage all potential customers to visit our on-farm store at least once and see for themselves how their food is being produced.

Top 3 Steaks For Frying

We walk you through how to pan-fry the perfect steak in this step-by-step blog post. Our top 3 steaks for frying are listed with detailed instructions on how to achieve the perfectly crusted steak. Read on...

All About Pasture-Raised Pork

I'm loving these crisp, cool mornings How about you?We've hit an all time low on our beef inventory The good news is that I brought home about 10 boxes of pork that have been at the processor waiting for us to get more freezer space.So... since I can't offer you much down the line of grass-fed beef right now, let's explore our pork options.By the way, I did nail down two processing dates in December for custom processed beef. If you'd like a half side of beef, here's your chance to claim your half.Delicious Pork Roast RecipeSunday morning when I awoke in the early morning hours, I was greeted by the delicious aroma of a pork roast slow cooking in the oven.My wife Cheryl had seasoned it up and stuck it in to bake all night long.After church we dug in like a bunch of, well, hogs... with manners of course.Here is how she did it:Baked Pork Roast ----- Lavonne W.We love a baked pork roast over here! I just put it in my roaster and put water in it.Add over pork:Soy SauceWorcestershire sauceLiquid SmokeSeason with:Minced GarlicOnions or minced onionCavender's Seasoned saltSalt & PepperA nice healthy layer of brown sugar on topI usually bake it overnight at 350 F. Depends on how big it is as to the temperature and time.You can make gravy out of the drippings and eat it over mashed potatoes.I like to use this for leftovers in various ways during the week. Season meat accordingly for pork tacos or barbecue sandwiches, etc.I guess you'll have to just dump on the spices as she didn't specify amounts, but the one Cheryl did turned out really well.Here's another pork roast recipe that Cheryl is wanting to try. If you beat us to it, let us know how you like it.Or, if you have any favorite recipes, feel free to share them.Spicy Pulled Pork --------- Tyanne D.1 5-7 lb. pork shoulder (best to thaw first)1 whole onion, cut into quarters1 T. Chili powder1/2 cup garlic cloves, peeled1 tsp. dried oregano2 tsp. ground cumin1-2 T. salt, to tasteFreshly ground pepper3 T. olive oil2 T. white wine vinegarlime wedgesflour tortillasRinse the pork shoulder. In a food processor, combine the onion, chili powder, brown sugar, garlic, oregano, cumin, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar.Pulse until totally combined. Pour the mixture over the pork. Rub it into every nook and cranny of the meat, tucking under folds and in in crevices.Place the pork into a roasting pan or Dutch oven and add two cups water.Cover tightly and roast for 6-7 hours, turning once every hour. Check to make sure it's fork tender. Increase the heat to 425*, and roast uncovered for 20 minutes, or until the skin gets crispy.Remove from oven and allow pork to rest for 15 minutes. Shred the meat using two forks to pull apart. Place meat on platter and pour pan juices over the shredded meat. Serve with warm tortilla and lime wedges.Beef SupplyBack to the beef supply, I hope to pick some up from the processor this week yet. If I do, I may send out and email with a restocked items update.I was there yesterday and brought back some pork and lamb but they didn't have the beef ready yet.I also dropped off two beef for processing so we're trying to get restocked on beef.In the meantime, we still have a good supply of chuck and shoulder roast. Stock up on those for the cold winter days ahead.We also have a good supply of round steak. SheepWe've been getting a few baby lambs these days! That's always lots of fun to see the baby lambs. Have a great day. Your farmer, Craig P.S. If you haven't already stocked up on pecans for the holiday season, due so here. We have premium pecan halves and pieces.

Regenerative Agriculture: What Is It?

It seems everyone is talking about ‘regenerative agriculture’ these days. The farm magazines feature farmers who are converting their farms to regenerative practices and on and on. What exactly are we talking about here?

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