Rewards of Working with Nature

A quick look at the wonders of God's creation and how it all works together when we don't get in the way of things. In particular, we're looking at the important job of dung beetles.

Ever Heard of Being Pig Headed?

Nothing but a story about a "pig-headed" sow and a boar... trying to help the boar get unstuck and then trying to get them loaded onto the trailer so they can become residents of New Grass Farms.

Made In The Shade

For cattle, there's nothing like the shade of a nice big tree, but sometimes there's not a tree where you need it. So we built our cows some portable shade! By providing them with portable shade we're also able to distribute the invaluable nutrients they leave behind after lounging under the shaded area.

Days Are Warm and Sweet as Honey

We spent several days seining catfish the last week or two. That's always an exciting time for us! We've had several folks ask us if we sell catfish out of our store and we're wanting to in the near future. We also have a couples sales to mention.

Winter Update

A brief look at how we keep our cattle going through the winter time here in wet, soggy Mississippi. It's certainly one of the more challenging times of the year for a livestock man.

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